Curbside Recycling Program

Waste Management is recruiting Sterling Heights customers for its Voluntary Curbside Recycling Program. Under the program, Waste Management will furnish subscribers with a 96-gallon container for recyclables at a cost of $4.95 per month, along with a 1-time $5 fee to set up an account.

“This voluntary service offers residents the best of both worlds,” Public Works Director Mike Moore said. “Those who want to utilize a convenient, low cost pickup service now can recycle at the curb. It also allows those who want to continue utilizing our 3 voluntary recycling drop-off centers to do so free of charge.”

Pick Up Schedule

For homeowners who choose the service, Waste Management workers will pick up recyclables every other week on the same day as regular refuse collection. All recyclable materials will be placed into a single-stream, 96-gallon heavy-duty container.

2017 Pick Up Schedule

Sign Up Today

Residents can sign up today at Waste Management website or call Waste Management at 866-797-9018 to subscribe.

Waste Management will launch recruitment efforts in June, with a goal of at least 5,000 subscribers in order to begin curbside collection. While users will pay just under $2.50 for each pickup, the program costs can be offset if subscribers sign up for the Waste Management Recyclebank Rewards Program. Through this rewards program, users will be able to obtain valuable coupons for discounts at area merchants. The savings gained through these discounts can potentially offset the entire cost of the program.

For More Information

For more information, contact Community Relations at 586-446-CITY.