Probation Department

The Probation Department is located in the lower level of the 41A District Court Judicial Building.

Services provided by the probation department include: monitoring defendants ordered to reporting probation; community service placement and follow-up; conduct pre-sentence investigations; conduct substance abuse evaluations; and provide sentencing recommendations.  

The primary function of the probation officer is to ensure that the probationer is in compliance with the court order.

If probation is ordered, it typically is accompanied by conditions, fines and costs.  In addition to any specific terms of probation, standard terms include: no arrest/ticket for any criminal act; obtain permission to travel outside the state from the probation officer; notify probation of any change in address or employment status; and report as instructed by the Court.


Commonly Requested Probation Forms

Community Service Work Hours

Community service work may be ordered as a condition of probation; as an alternative to fines and costs; or as a condition of a deferred sentencing. Community service hours must be completed a non-profit organizations. Hours must be documented, and verification on agency letterhead must be provided to the Probation Department of the Court prior to the due date. 

Agencies are pre-approved by the Probation Department, and lists are available below or in person from the Probation Department. If you would like to complete your community service hours at an agency not listed, you must first contact the Probation Department to obtain approval. Hours completed at an agency that does not have city approval may not be valid. 

Failure to complete your community service hours as directed will result in a notice of non-compliance to your Judge. 

Community Service Work Agreement

Community Service Log Sheet

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