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Major Road Projects:

Macomb County Public Works Sewer Project- 15 Mile Road

Beginning Monday, November 16 the Macomb County Public Works Office (MCPWO) will begin a project to install underground piping at a location on 15 Mile Road near the Red Run Drain (1/4 Mile East of Schoenherr Rd).  The project will take 4-5 weeks to complete.  A closure of the outside lanes of both westbound and eastbound is necessary for the first 2-3 weeks of the project and beyond that intermittent daily lane closures will be utilized to complete the project.  The MCPWO can be contacted at (586) 469-5325 with questions regarding the project.

Medville Drive Water Main Replacement:

The City of Sterling Heights is currently replacing the existing watermain on Medville Drive between  16 1/2 Mile Road and Smethwick Road. The project was previously postponed due to the closure of City Hall during the COVID-19 crisis.  The portion of the watermain on Medville Drive south of Smethwick has been installed and tested. Water service transfers are expected to begin mid next week. The last portion of the watermain connecting to Smethwick will be installed once all the water services on Medville Drive are transferred. Please see the letter below for information regarding the project.  

19 Mile Road Construction : Schoenherr Road to Clinton River Road

The City of Sterling Heights will be reconstructing Nineteen Mile Road from Schoenherr Road to Clinton River Road during the summer and fall of 2020. The project will result in a new three-lane asphalt roadway, public utility improvements, and aesthetic improvements throughout the project.  19 Mile is open to traffic with final restoration scheduled for 2021 along with Signal improvements at Gainsley Drive.

19 Mile Resident Letter   19 Mile Cone Zone Update    19 Mile Construction Map  
Schoenherr Road Asphalt Resurfacing: North of Plumbrook Drain to 1,200 feet North of Clinton River - 

The MCDR will begin a project to resurface Schoenherr Road from south of Plumbrook Road to north of Clinton River Road on Monday, October 12.  The project will begin this Fall with concrete curb replacement and work on the bridges over the Clinton River and Plumbrook Drain.  Traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction during this operation.  This operation will last through the end of the construction season. 

All lanes on Schoenherr have been re-opened for the winter.  The project will resume in the Spring of 2021.  Temporary hot mix asphalt repairs have been completed in the worst areas of the roadway for safer winter travel.  

In the Spring of 2021, the project will resume with the milling of the existing concrete pavement and asphalt paving.  Additionally, there will be major bridge work that will require a complete road closure for a few week period in 2021, one direction at a time, when the project resumes.  More information on that will follow next season.  There will be hot mix asphalt patch application to the worst areas prior to the winter as a temporary measure.  Two-lanes of traffic in each direction will be maintained this winter.

The contractor is Pro-Line Asphalt. Please contact Macomb County 586-463-8671 with any questions regarding the project.This is a MCDR project for asphalt resurfacing of Hayes Road between 14 Mile and Moravian.  More details will be provided as construction approaches. MCDR can be reached at 586-463-8671

Local Road Projects:

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Local Road Concrete Sectional Program:

  • 2021 Program Coming Soon