General Civil Claims

​​ The 41-A District Court handles cases where the amount of the claim is for $25,000 or less. The case can be filed in the district court where the incident occurred or in the jurisdiction where the defendant lives. See the filing fee schedule below.

The 16th Circuit Court, located at 40 N. Main in Mt. Clemens, will handle the case if the amount of the claim is more than $25,000. Please contact the 16th Circuit Court at (586) 469-5150 or visit their website at

For disputes involving amounts of $5,500 or less, the plaintiff can choose to file the case with the small claims division of the district court. The defendant can agree to have the case remain in small claims or can request the case be removed to the regular civil division. An attorney may not represent you in the small claims division.

General Civil Filing Fees

General Civil Filing Fees  
$0-$600 $35
$601-$1750  $55
$1751-$10,000 $75
$10,001-$25,000 $160