Police Department

At this time, SHPD will not be offering active shooter or neighborhood watch seminars. 

Are police officers still responding to non-emergency runs?

Yes, however, in a continued effort to keep our citizens and first responders safe from the COVID-19 Coronoavirus, we are asking people to use increased discretion when seeking police services. The Sterling Heights Police Department will ALWAYS respond immediately to emergencies.

If residents have a situation that can be resolved over the phone by speaking with a police officer or they are not sure if they should come into the police station, we urge them to call (586) 446-2800 and press "9".

Are police officers taking reports over the phone?

Yes, SHPD is currently allowing police officers to take non-emergency reports over the phone. Please be prepared that they may ask a few additional questions to verify who you are over the phone. If you would like your report taken over the phone, please call (586) 446-2800 and press "9".

Can I mail my gun registration?

The State of Michigan requires all pistol registrations to be physically turned in and will not accept the permit to be emailed at this time.

Is the court still open? 

Please check call (586) 446-2500 or check the court website for the most current information and where to go for your court date at sterling-heights.net (click on “Government,” click on “Court & Judicial Services,” and click on “41A District Court.”)

Can I still drop off my old or unused prescription drugs?

Please keep unused prescription drugs in a safe place until further notice. If that is not possible, our prescription drop box is still open and operational for emergency drops, this does not require you to speak to anyone.

Can I still drop off my vacation extra check?

Please call the front desk at (586) 446-2800 and press "9,” and a police officer will write down all of your information.

If I find a lost dog should I still bring it into the police station?

Please call dispatch at (586) 446-2800 and press "1" to have an animal control officer or police officer respond to your location.

If a police officer does come to my home, what should I expect?

SHPD Officers will always offer the most professional service. If a police officer is dispatched to your location, depending on the circumstances, the officer may be wearing a mask and/or gloves. The officer may also ask you to step outside of your home. Please do not be offended. Our main goal is to always keep everyone safe during this current community health issue. 

How can I access records information?

Many services provided by the Police Department Records Bureau (like police reports, clearance letters or park alcohol permits) can be handled electronically. Visit sterling-heights.net (click on “Government,” click on “Public Safety” and click on “Police Department.”) Don’t see what you’re looking for or still have questions?  Contact SHPD records department by email at pdrecords@sterling-heights.net 

How can I purchase permits for firearms?

If an individual is planning to purchase a pistol from a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer, a License to Purchase a Pistol (LTP) is no longer required. However, a Pistol Sales Record (PSR) will be completed. You do not need to come to the Police Department for a purchase permit. You may now go directly to an FFL dealer, and they will have the proper paperwork to purchase the pistol. However, you can call (586) 446-2900 or email pdrecords@sterling-heights.net to request that paperwork, and we can email it to you.  “The “Registry” or “MSP” copies of completed Pistol Sales Records or Pistol Purchase Permits can be returned to:  Sterling Heights Police Department, Attention Records, 40333 Dodge Park Road, Sterling Heights, MI  48313.

How can I obtain a police clearance letter?

A local police clearance letter indicating whether you do or do not have an arrest record in the city of Sterling Heights can be obtained if you are, or have been, a resident of Sterling Heights. You will need to provide a copy of your driver’s license or state issued ID and a signed letter with current address information. The signature must be notarized. Email the notarized letter and copy of ID to pdrecords@sterling-heights.net. Upon receipt of the notarized letter and copy of ID, we will contact you for payment information. The Police Clearance Letter will then be mailed to you.

How can I obtain a police report or request items under FOIA?

To obtain a copy of a police report without coming in to the police station, simply submit your request on a Freedom of Information Act request form and send to shpdfoia@sterling-heights.net. Forms can be located at sterling-heights.net (click on “Government,” click on “City Administration,” click on “City Clerk” and click on “Freedom of Information Act Request (PDF).”) Your report, if available, will be provided to you within the next five business days. 

Please be advised that City Hall is closed for business under a state and local declaration of emergency.  The response deadlines do not apply until the City resumes business days.  At that time, the City will attempt to process the requests by the order in which they were received.