Finance and Administration

How can I pay city bills online?

Visit the Sterling Heights homepage of our website and click on "I WANT TO". Click on "PAY" and select one of the following to pay:

  • Court Fines
  • Parks and Recreation Registration
  • Property Taxes (Note: currently payable at Macomb County)
  • Water and Sewer Utility Bills
  • Snow Tickets
  • Ambulance Run Fees

Follow the prompts to process payment.

Additional Instructions for Court Fines through Official Payments:

  1. Choose Local Payments
  2. Choose Michigan for State
  3. Choose 41A District Court for Entity
  4. Choose Court Fine Payments for Type
  5. Then Click on Make a Payment

Additional Instructions for Snow Tickets and Ambulance Run Fees through Official Payments:

  1. Choose Local Payments
  2. Enter Jurisdiction Code of 3258, OR
  3. Choose Michigan for State
  4. Choose Sterling Heights for Entity
  5. Choose Ambulance Run Fee or Snow Ticket
  6. Then Click on Make a Payment

How can I request a final water bill?

Please send the request to: Requests must include the service address, the 6-digit numbers on the meter located in basement, and an email address where the final bill request is to be sent.

Can I still drop off my payment at the drop-box located next to City Hall?

Yes, you can still drop off your payment for water bills at the City Hall drop box. 

I need a copy of my tax payment for my tax return. How do I access my property tax information? 

To search property tax information, go to

  1. Scroll over Services (middle of page)
  2. Under Financial Services, scroll down and click on Tax and Assessing Public Records
  3. To search by address, enter Address (house number only), click search
  4. Select the address you wish to view by clicking on it
  5. Click on the Tax Information tab
  6. Scroll down to Tax History and click on the tax year/season desired

Will I still get charged a late fee for my water bill or invoice due to delay in processing times?

No, there will be no late penalties assessed for bills due in March 2020.

Will I still receive my next water bill?

Yes, water bills will still be mailed according to schedule.

How can I ask questions about my water bill?

Please email for questions regarding your water bill.

I’m a retiree. Will I receive my monthly pension payment? What if I need to update my contact information?

Yes, you will receive your pension check. Please direct all pension-related questions to

I still need to pay may 2019 Property Taxes. How can I do so?

All 2019 property taxes are now payable to the Macomb County Treasurer with additional penalties and interest. To obtain the total balance now due, please contact the County at (586) 469-5190.

Who do I contact for questions about a lien on my property?

Please e-mail

I am a title company and need information. Who can I contact?

Please send your inquiries to

How do I handle assessing related transactions?

Because most employees will be working remotely from home during the emergency period, residents must process assessing related documents according to the lists below. Postal mail will be delivered to City Hall daily and an employee will be processing the mail regularly. Items received via USPS, email or fax will be processed as quickly as possible. It is not advised to leave telephone messages for employees, as the response time may be delayed. Messages are best sent via email or fax.

Documents that will be accepted via USPS, email or fax include:

  • Property Transfer Affidavits
  • Principal Residence Exemption Affidavits
  • Requests to Rescind Principal Residence Exemptions
  • Conditional Rescission of Principal Residence Exemptions

Documents should be sent to or faxed to (586) 276-4038. 

Documents that will be accepted ONLY via USPS due to the requirement of original documents and signatures include: 

  • Land Division & Combination Applications
  • 2020 Hardship Applications
  • Exempt Property Applications
  • Change of Address Requests

Will Board of Review meetings be held during the City closure?

Due the Covid-19 crisis and pursuant to the Governors Executive Order and City’s Emergency Declaration, all sessions of the in-person Board of Review that was to be held at the Sterling Heights Community Center starting Monday, March 16 at 9 a.m. have been cancelled.

The Board will still be accepting appeals in writing. All appeals must be submitted by Wednesday, March 18 at 3 pm. Anyone interested in submitting an appeal must do so in writing. The written appeal must include a letter signed by the property owner requesting consideration by the Board of Review. The letter must state the reason for the appeal and include all supporting documentation. Petitioners who are not the owner of record must include a letter of authorization signed by the property owner.

The written appeal may be submitted either by fax at (586) 276-4038 or emailed to the City Assessor at

The Board of Review will be meeting remotely to issue a determination on all appeals. Petitioners will receive written notification of the Board’s actions before June 1, 2020.

I’m a vendor and have a question about payment status of an invoice. Who should I contact?

City staff are working remotely and are still accessible. Please email any questions to Emails received will be answered as soon as possible. No significant delays are currently expected regarding payments to vendors.

Will bids still be posted and accepted, and will bid submittal deadlines still apply?

Yes, vendors responding with bids should submit bids via email to or at Please visit the Purchasing Department page for more information (click on Government, click on Finances & Records, click on Purchasing).

Will purchase orders continue to be issued?

Yes, and an additional questions or concerns can be emailed to and Purchasing Department staff will promptly respond.

Can I speak to a Purchasing Department representative?

Email your contact information to and a Purchasing Department staff member will contact you.