commUNITY alliance

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Sterling Heights City Council recently adopted an ordinance allowing for the formation of a commission called the commUNITY alliance. The purpose of this commission is to unify Sterling Heights and make the bonds of living together strong. 

We are looking for a diverse group of seven residents who are passionate about bringing the community together and committed to the goal of breaking through the barriers of prejudice, bias and divisiveness to realize our vision of a vibrant, inclusive community with an exceptional quality of life. If you are a Sterling Heights resident who wants to join us in making sure every fellow resident feels welcome, accepted, respected and safe, we encourage you to apply for this commission!

These are volunteer positions, and the alliance will meet monthly. After the initial term upon creation of the commUNITY alliance, terms for members will begin on July 1 for three years, and terms will be staggered.

Applications will be accepted through the end of December, and seven members will be appointed by City Council in January 2021. Apply here.