Branch Chipping Request

About the Program

The Department of Public Works (DPW) operates a Branch Chipping Program year-round and provides curbside tree branch chipping service for a fee. Branches must originate from the adjacent property. This service is intended for single-family residential homeowners only, not vacant properties. The city will not chip limbs from any commercial tree trimmer, commercial or industrial property. If a contractor is removing a tree(s) or trimming branches for you, it is the contractor's responsibility to chip and/or properly remove the branches.

This program and timely branch chipping are subject to inclement weather conditions, the volume of pickups scheduled, and other obligations of city crews at the discretion of the Street Supervisor.

Tree branches placed out with out payment of fee will be removed by City personnel after 5-day notice and the property owner will be automatically invoiced $110.00 per half hour for Tree Branch Chipping service.


The branch chipping fee is $110.00 per half hour [with a minimum charge of $110.00]. The following options are available to you to process payment:
  • By phone: Payment can be made at the time of scheduling by credit card (MasterCard, Discovery and Visa only, please).
  • Cash payments or checks are accepted at the City Treasurer's Office at City Hall. Once payment is made they will contact the DPW to schedule branch chipping service.
  • Or Invoiced by Treasury.

No Refunds

Residents are encouraged to read and follow the guidelines as set forth above. Failure to comply with the guidelines and restrictions of the program may result in delay of service or forfeiture of the fees paid, and the property owner / resident will be responsible for removing branches from the public right-of-way in a timely manner.

Placement & Pick Up

  • Branches should be placed out prior to making the service request.
  • Chipping will be done from 1 to 14 business days from the day of request. Curbside chipping is for the light trimming of personal property trees. Limbs must be over 4 feet in length with the cut ends facing street.
  • Only tree branches longer than four feet and less than 6 inches in diameter will be chipped.
  • There must not be any debris or roots mixed with the branches. Grass clippings, leaves, stumps, roots, weeds, vines, flowers, wire, or other foreign materials are not permitted. The property owner must dispose of those items not meeting these requirements.
  • Tree branches for chipping should be left as long as possible in a neat, uniform pile between the sidewalk and the curb or close to the road where there are no sidewalks. All branches must be stacked with the butt ends of the branches facing the street. Due to the hazardous condition involved in the operation of the chipper, residents will be advised to re-stack branches if not stacked properly and chipping service will be rescheduled for a later date.
  • Branches placed at the curbside for this program shall at no time obstruct any city sidewalk, right-of-way, or view of traffic.
Branch Chipping Request Form