Office of Assessing

Assessments are most importantly used in conjunction with the millage rates adopted by the various legislative bodies to generate property taxes guaranteeing revenues for the operation of all local governing units.

Online Assessment Information

Assessing information is available online. This allows those with access to the Internet the ability to search by parcel number, property address, or comparable building attribute, in order to obtain general assessment, building appraisal and tax information 24 hours a day. The PDF image of the hand-drawn building sketch was last updated in 2018, which may not match current data indicated on this record.

Today's economic conditions warrant up-to-date data from the sale and development of both vacant and occupied land. The assessment roll provides the information required to ensure proper growth in our community.

Did You Know...

The average True Cash Value of all residential improved and residential condo parcels located in Sterling Heights is $255,526 for 2023, which represents a positive change of 10.8% over the 2022 average of $230,452?

(Average values are as of March each respective year.)