City Budget

2022-2023 Adopted Budget

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2022 2023 Proposed Budget Book

Budget Includes Tax Rate Reduction

For the fiscal year beginning July 1, the City budget totals $252 million.  The City millage rate of 16.38 represents a 0.2942 mill decrease compared to last year.  The City millage rate continues to be lower than most cities in Michigan and is one of the lowest in Macomb County.

The budget funds 522 full-time positions and includes the addition of a Deputy Police Chief.  The City still has 127 fewer full-time positions than in 2008, which saves an estimated $12 million annually.

Continued Road Improvements

The annual budget continues to prioritize road repair and reconstruction. The 2022/23 budget includes $30 million required to leverage $110 million from Federal, State and County funding for major road reconstruction during the 2022 construction season.

The following projects are funded in the adopted budget: 

  • Mound Road Total Reconstruction – Phase II 
  • 14 Mile Road Resurfacing – Hayes Road to Maple Lane 
  • Ryan Road Resurfacing – Metro Parkway to 18 Mile Road 
  • Ryan Road Concrete Repairs – 14 Mile Road to Metro Parkway
  • Schoenherr Road Resurfacing – 19 Mile Road to M-59 
  • Plumbrook Road Resurfacing – Utica Road to Van Dyke Avenue

In addition, as a direct result of the renewal of the Safe Streets millage, the budget includes a $5.2 million investment in neighborhood streets that will fund sectional repairs and full reconstructions of 28 local streets.

Infrastructure & Equipment

The budget includes the continuation of the sidewalk gap and repair programs and includes funding for a citywide Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training initiative.

The budget also continues to invest in public safety. Funds are appropriated to replace a 25-year old Fire Engine and 17 Police vehicles. Approved public safety equipment includes the continued replacement of air packs and cardiac monitors for the Fire Department and in-car computers and modems for the Police Department. The replacement of the heating and cooling system at Fire Station #5 and the installation of additional security gates in the Police Department parking lot are also included.

City Manager Statement

The City’s financial position is very strong with a solid reserve equating to nearly $34 million or 29% of General Fund expenditures. “The City continues to focus on economic development, public safety and quality of life services. This focus strengthens economic vitality for our businesses and keeps taxes low for residents, all while providing excellent services,” said Mark Vanderpool, City Manager.