Water & Sewer Utility Bill Information

Please mail your water bill payment to:
Department 181601
City of Sterling Heights - Water
P.O. Box 55000
Detroit, MI 48255-1816

For questions and concerns regarding your Water & Sewer bill please email waterbilling@sterling-heights.net. Please send your address and current meter reading for consumption questions.

To request a final water bill please:

Send the request to: waterbilling@sterling-heights.net
Please provide:
  • Service address
  • 6 digit numbers on the meter located in basement
  • Email address where the final bill request is to be sent
Please allow 48 hours to complete a final water bill request.  

Continued trend of low Water and Sewer rate increases.

Effective July 1, 2019, a net 3.3% increase will be passed on to
Water & Sewer customers.  This is the lowest increase in eleven years.


Sterling Heights purchases its water and sewage services from the Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) and the Macomb County Public Works office.  

For 2019/20 the City will pass on:

  • A 5.0% increase in water rates from the GLWA.
  • A 2.4% increase in Macomb County sewer charges and debt service.  
  • A 5.2% increase in City costs to fund water main repairs, meter replacements, sewer preventative maintenance and cleanings and to provide for an increase to the water & sewer fund balance which has been depleted by $17 million in the past five years.
The average Sterling Heights residential customer will pay $80 per month for water & sewer services, only a $3/month increase over last year.

According to a 2016 Black & Veatch rate survey, the average monthly water & sewer bill for the City of Sterling Heights is 29% below the average rates and 23% below the median rates of the 50 largest cities in the United States.

Sterling Heights Water and Sewer Billing Facts

  • Thanks to the cooperation of residents and businesses in following outdoor watering restrictions, the City was able to renegotiate contract terms with the GLWA in December 2017, resulting in a savings on the cost of water purchased. 
  • A 25% discount, up to $26, is applied to all summer water consumption.  Most cities do not offer a summer consumption discount.
  • New users of the system pay for all water and sewer line additions.  Therefore, Sterling Heights’ rates do not contain any amount for expansion of the system.
  • Nearly 90% of the water and sewer system is complete and paid for.  As a result, there is no outstanding water or sewer debt.
  • Nearly 80% of the city’s water and sewer budget is for payments to the GLWA and Macomb County Public Works for water and sewer services.

Great Lakes Water Authority Assisting Low Income Residents with WRAP Program

Community Action Alliance will deliver WRAP through our Empowerment Pathway Model - a custom designed service plan to help residential customers in the Great Lakes Water Authority regions to access bill assistance, water conservation measures, and navigate resources and WRAP-around supports on a pathway towards self-sufficiency.

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