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Last updated: 1/20/23


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The Probation Department is responsible for monitoring all probation cases originating from the Sterling Heights division of the 41-A District Court. It is located in the lower level of the 41A District Court Judicial Building on Dodge Park in Sterling Heights.

The Probation Department of the Shelby Division of the 41-A District Court, located at 24 Mile Road and Van Dyke in Shelby Township, may be reached at (586) 739-7325, prompt #8. 

Services provided by the Probation Department include: monitoring defendants ordered to reporting and non-reporting probation; community service placement and follow-up; conducting pre-sentence investigations, including substance abuse and domestic violence evaluations; appearances at court hearings; and providing sentencing recommendations.

The primary function of the Probation Officer is to ensure that the probationer is in compliance with the court order. If probation is ordered, it typically is accompanied by conditions, fines and costs. In addition to any specific terms of probation, standard terms include: 1. Do not violate any law of any unit of government. No arrest/ticket for any criminal activity while on probation. 2. Obtain permission to travel outside the state from the probation officer or Court. 3. Notify the Court/Probation of any change in address or employment status; and 4. Report as instructed by the Court.  Specific conditions of probation may be addressed with the Probation Officer at the time of your report. 

Probation Officers are accessible via email at any time. Please see the Staff Directory for updated email information. 

Commonly Requested PROBATION Forms

Reporting to Probation

Probationers with last names A through K report to Officer Gadioli

Probationers with last names L through Z report to Officer Finkel.

Many probation meetings are still being conducted via Zoom for the convenience of our probationers. If you have questions, please contact your officer via email. A Probation Department clerk may be reached at (586) 446-2565 with general information questions. 

IN PERSON REPORTING takes place on the last Monday of each month in the Lower Level of the 41-A District Court. Reporting hours are 9:00 am to 11:30 am. The building closes at noon for lunch. If the court is closed due to a holiday, in-person reporting will be held the Monday before. 

See the page Virtual Reporting for more information about times and dates for reporting via Zoom, including links to each officer's meetings.

Presentence Reports & Interviews

The Probation Department conducts evaluation and presentence reports to assist the judge in sentencing recommendations. Generally, reports are completed within thirty days. Please see the page, Presentence Reports and Assessments, for more information and links to commonly requested documents. 



Online Support Groups

If you are in need of a support group meeting but are trying to avoid crowds: 

Please feel free to reach out to us with any additional concerns.


Treatment Court

The 41-A District Court is excited to offer a Sobriety Court Program to OWI-2ND offenses in 2022. Please see the Treatment Court site for more information, or email Officer Gadioli

Probationers interested in a treatment court must complete a clinical diagnostic substance use disorder evaluation at their own costs prior to acceptance. Information can be obtained by emailing Officer Gadioli. 

Traveling While Under Probation Supervision

Probation is a privilege, as is traveling while under the supervision of the Court. Probation will not excuse any other conditions of your probation while you are traveling; you are required to comply with all conditions, including testing. It is recommended that if you cannot comply with probation requirements while you travel, that you save your travel for when you have completed your probation term. If your Judge permits travel and alternative testing, below are some suggestions to maintain your compliance. It is recommended that you speak with your Probation Officer at your regularly scheduled meeting regarding your specific circumstances.
  1. Contact the jurisdiction to which you are traveling and make arrangements ahead of time for testing. It is recommended that you speak with the actual facility in advance of your travel, to ensure that you have all proper documents and to make sure they can accommodate all testing rules as set by your sentencing judge.
  2. If you are ONLY alcohol testing, you may request a device (i.e. portable breathalyzer or tether) to use in place of testing while you travel.
  3. If you are traveling for FOUR (4) DAYS or LESS, you may participate in "bookend testing," where you submit to a voluntary test at your designated facility before you leave to establish a baseline, and test at the next available test time immediately upon your return (using an ETG-Alcohol test and minimum Eight Panel drug screen).
Finally, you may write your sentencing judge for any other accommodations.

Community Service Work Hours

Community service work may be ordered as a condition of probation; as an alternative to fines and costs; or as a condition of a deferred sentencing. Community service hours must be completed a non-profit organizations. Hours must be documented, and verification on agency letterhead must be provided to the Probation Department of the Court prior to the due date.

Agencies are pre-approved by the Probation Department, and lists are available below or in person from the Probation Department. If you would like to complete your community service hours at an agency not listed, you must first contact the Probation Department to obtain approval. Hours completed at an agency that does not have city approval may not be valid.

Failure to complete your community service hours as directed will result in a notice of non-compliance to your Judge.

Community Service Work Agreement

Community Service Log Sheet

Community Service Work Sites - Macomb
Community Service Work Sites - Oakland
Community Service Work Sites - Wayne

Remote Supervision

The 41-A District Court has computer-based monitoring available as a tool for low-risk offenders in lieu of traditional in-person reporting. In order to participate in a computer-based monitoring program, it must be ordered as a condition of reporting probation, non-reporting probation, or delayed sentencing. The Court may also utilize this type of reporting tool for pre-trial monitoring or for additional monitoring of reporting probationers. 

If you are ordered to Macomb Community Corrections, you may contact the office at (586) 307-9443 with questions. 

If you are ordered to Court Works, it may be accessed via this website:  

If you have lost your username and passcode, you may email Officer Gadioli for information on how to regain entry to the system.