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Sep 26

Back to School with SHPD

Posted on September 26, 2016 at 10:44 AM by Andrea Mantakounis

Police Cruiser Lights
By Police Chief Berg

As our children are going back to school, I want to inform all parents with children in either Warren Consolidated or Utica Community Schools that our officers visit each and every school at least once every day.


Our officers park at the schools in a highly visible manner and enter the building making contact with school administration and staff.  Quite often, officers may be observed walking through the buildings, up and down the hallways and even participating in activities like gym class, reading to the students or giving impromptu interviews on the life of a police officer.


The purpose is trifold; security, familiarity and outreach. First, the security of the school buildings is increased having a patrolling officer on site. Second, the officers and school staff gain familiarity with each other as well as giving the officers the opportunity to learn the layout of the building. Third, the daily visits offer students a chance to interact with police officers in a friendly way, for many students this is their first time getting to know a member of law enforcement. Creating relationships with the next generation is paramount, we don’t want them to be scared of us, we want them to run to us when they need help. 


We take all of our policing duties seriously, but none are more important than the safety and welfare of our children. Heres to a great school year!