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Jun 28

Dry Conditions Require Extra Firework Vigilance

Posted on June 28, 2016 at 8:51 AM by Andrea Mantakounis

Fire in a field
By Fire Chief Martin

Southeast Michigan is suffering from drought like conditions which makes the time approaching the Fourth of July even more hazardous. Anyone using fireworks needs to always follow safety precautions, but extra care needs to be used during such dry conditions.

Here are some suggestions:

First and foremost, always follow the laws regarding the use of fireworks. We have already had several grass and vegetation fires caused by fireworks that were illegally set off because their use did not fall within the three day holiday period.

There needs to be a water supply readily available when lighting fireworks; a garden hose is best, but at least one 5 gallon bucket of water will do.

The area where the fireworks are set off from should be already clear of vegetation, preferably on dirt or pavement, but again, within the law that includes private property only, not within 25 feet of a building, or within 20 feet of a property line.

A 30 foot area around the launch site should be wet down prior to igniting the fireworks.

One adult should be responsible for watching the fireworks and paying close attention to where the sparks land. That adult can then be responsible to investigate those areas to be sure no fires have started.

Just a reminder that it is never safe or legal to allow children to use fireworks.

Finally, if the winds are strong, do not use fireworks because there is a significant increase in the possibility of causing fires.

Contact the Non-Emergency Fire Department line at (586) 446-2950.