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1. Where can I get information on the water consumption history for my account?
2. If I pay my water bill online with my credit card, are there any additional credit card processing fees that I have to pay?
3. I tried to make a payment online, but was denied access to the payment screen. What should I do now?
4. I’m selling my house and have been told that I need to get a final water bill. How do I go about this?
5. My water bill is much higher than normal. Why?
6. I live next door to a house with the same number of people and that waters their lawn as much as I do. How come my bill is higher?
7. Where is my water meter? Isn’t that plastic box on the outside of my house it?
8. My consumption is high, could the meter be running fast or was there an error in the reading?
9. What happens if I don’t pay my water bill? Will my water be shut off?
10. What are the most significant ways to eliminate excessive water consumption?